Utah lawmakers push for tougher penalties against trucks 'rolling coal'

BZ 082516 Diesel Testing 01

House Committee passes Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments bill with 6-1 vote Friday. It would bring stiffer fines and bolster enforcement for diesel vehicles intentionally modified to blow smoke.


Utah's 2018 snowpack and runoff forecast looks somber

Lead BZ 022516 Snotel Snow Survey 01-5

Snowpacks still sit far below the 30-year average.


Victims of fast-moving landslide vent frustrations to Riverdale City Council

Lead BZ 020718 Spring Creek Landslide 01-6

For 45 minutes, residents peppered the mayor and city council with questions and concerns. At times, the exchange became tense.


Box Elder lawmaker has mixed feelings about pushing Promontory landfill approval

BZ 120816 Promontory Landfill 05-2

The Utah Legislature approved the large landfill near the Great Salt Lake two years ago. Now, the lawmaker who backed the measure says he wasn’t fully aware of the facts or demand for urgent action.


Barn owl rescued from industrial vent, in serious condition at wildlife center

Injured barn owl

The owl was found on Thursday, Feb. 1, in the furnace ducts at a Corinne business and brought to the rehabilitation center the same day.


Public event planned for discussion on Promontory Point landfill

Lead BZ 120816 Promontory Landfill 02-4

A landfill is likely coming to the shores of the Great Salt Lake, and environmental advocates have planned a public meeting for Tuesday night to discuss its implications.


How would Promontory Point Landfill benefit most Utahns? Not much, it seems

BZ 120816 Promontory Landfill 03

A proposed large landfill on the southern tip of the Great Salt Lake’s Promontory Point is generating a lot of public interest, particularly as it nears fruition.


Out Standing in a Field podcast: Updates on Utah pelicans, space travel, more

Pelican pictures

On this episode of “Out Standing in a Field,” podcasters Leia Larsen and Benjamin Zack revisit inversion pollution, Gunnison Island pelicans, the NASA mission to Mars and boreal toads.


Global shifts in recycling market creating mess for Northern Utah

SW 012518 Recycled Earth 01

For recycling to thrive, Weber County residents need to clean up their act.


Solar panel tariff adds volatility, but Utah companies stay optimistic

SW 072017 Solar Panels Gardner Energy 04

A new tariff on panels may have dimmed prospects for U.S. solar installers, but Utah’s local industry is trying to look on the bright side.

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