Warming to make thunderstorms larger and more frequent

Bigger Rains

WASHINGTON (AP) — Summer thunderstorms in North America will likely be larger, wetter and more...


US changes course, allows PLO office to remain open

United States Palestinians

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration has abruptly shifted course on its decision to close the Washington mission of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Instead of closing the mission, American officials say the U.S. is imposing “limitations” that could be lifted in 90 days. Last week, U.S....


"Die Hard" for jihadists? IS recruits with heroic tales

Islamic State Recruiting Westerners

WASHINGTON (AP) — Beyond the slick, Hollywood-style cinematics, the Islamic State is targeting Western recruits with videos suggesting they, too, can be heroes like Bruce Willis’ character in “Die Hard.” That’s the conclusion of The Chicago Project on Security and Threats, which analyzed some 1,400...


Faced with high illiteracy rates, DC pushes adult learning

Adult Learners

WASHINGTON (AP) — A high school dropout, Nicole Dickey adds fractions in math class at a charter school for adults, hoping to earn her high school credentials and find a good paying office job. “My life has changed, I am here to make it better,” said Dickey, 39, who left high school after she...


Flynn may be moving to cooperate with Mueller's Russia probe

Trump Russia Probe Flynn

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a move that could signal cooperation with the government, lawyers for former national security adviser Michael Flynn have told President Donald Trump’s lawyers that they are no longer communicating with them about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian...


This computer game comes thanks to 2 Supreme Court justices

Supreme Court Computer Game

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court’s first female justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, has helped teach millions of students civics through computer games created by an organization she founded. Now, with a push from the Supreme Court’s first Hispanic justice, Sonia Sotomayor, the group has translated...


AP source: Flynn lawyers make a break with Trump team

Trump Russia Probe Flynn

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawyers for former national security adviser Michael Flynn have told President Donald Trump’s legal team that they are no longer communicating with them about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference. The decision could be a sign that Flynn...


FACT CHECK: McCaskill's campaign says Hawley broke his promise but public corruption unit

Democrats have accused Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley of breaking more than one promise. Now, incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign says he has broken another. McCaskill campaign manager David Kirby released a statement in response to Hawley’s announcement for Senate, addressing a vow...


As hunger rises in Missouri, Columbia works at grass-roots solutions

Glenn Cobbins spent his Saturday delivering meals, his van loaded with to-go boxes of Thanksgiving favorites — turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy. At the Reflections Hair Studio, Cobbins held the door as fellow volunteer, Craig Snethen, carried in boxes of food. Cobbins greeted the people inside with a...


Barton to go mum over disclosed photo, citing probe

Texas Congressman Nude Photo

WASHINGTON (AP) — Suggesting he’s a victim of revenge porn from a jilted lover, Republican Rep. Joe Barton of Texas says he plans to go silent about the release of a nude photo of him online because police are investigating the disclosure as a possible crime against him. Authorities have not...


Franken's rising political star obscured by accusations

Franken's Trajectory

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Many of you have jobs, many of you have families,” Sen. Al Franken told Democratic leaders gathered on the eve of a hotly contested governor’s election in Virginia. After an expectant pause, he leaned into the microphone and added, “Ignore them.” Franken was jokingly beseeching...

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