A look at how "cultured" meat works

A new term is causing heartburn for beef, chicken and pork producers: “Clean meat.” The term is being used by supporters of the emerging science of meat grown in labs without slaughtering cows and chickens. But many in the conventional meat industry don’t want it to become the accepted moniker,...


Toyota to launch road-going version of Le Mans-winning hybrid race car

(c) 2018, Japan News-Yomiuri. TOKYO - Toyota Motor Corp. intends to market the hybrid vehicle that it just used to win the Le Mans 24 Hours race for the first time as a high-end sports car. So far, people have strongly associated HV technology with fuel efficiency, so there has been less focus on...


New grads, unlock your future with a credit check-up

NerdWallet Graduation Credit

In college, establishing credit felt about as pressing as an optional homework assignment. But now that you’ve graduated, it’s suddenly at the top of your summer to-do list, with a deadline of ASAP. And for good reason. Good credit is your ticket to an easier and more affordable postgrad life. It...


How to fertilize your garden organically

Gardening Column Organic Fertilizers

In gardening, whether you’re talking about pest control or fertilization, “organic” generally means natural. The word “organic” refers to “organic matter,” the linchpin of organic gardening and, traditionally at least, all good gardening. “Organic matter” is material derived from what is or was...


WHICHCRAFT: Festive DIY fire starters for July 4th s'mores

Crafts Whichcraft Fire Starters

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows are the essential ingredients for summertime s’mores, but what about wax, alcohol and pinecones? If you’re extra impatient to roast marshmallows for those sweet, gooey treats, consider helping things along with homemade fire starters....


Audi names Schot interim CEO, puts jailed Stadler on leave

Germany Volkswagen Audi Emission

BERLIN (AP) — German automaker Audi has named sales chief Abraham ‘Bram’ Schot as interim CEO following the arrest of Rupert Stadler as part of a probe into emissions cheating. Audi, a division of Volkswagen, said in a statement Tuesday that it has also complied with Stadler’s request to...


Yayoi Kusama installation coming to NYC beach this summer

NEW YORK (AP) — A touring work by famed Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is headed to the Rockaways in New York City this summer. Kusama’s “Narcissus Garden” — made of 1,500 mirrored stainless steel spheres — will be located in the imposing confines of a former U.S. Army base in Queens starting July 1....


Fire-hit Glasgow art school landmark may be partially saved

Britain Scotland Fire

LONDON (AP) — The head of Glasgow City Council says the remains of the city’s fire-ravaged art school appear to be structurally solid and it’s hoped the facade of the world-renowned building can be saved. The Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building was gutted by fire Friday for the second time...


Experts say auto tariffs would raise prices, cost jobs

Trade Dispute Auto Prices

DETROIT (AP) — Every workday, about 7,400 trucks mostly loaded with automotive parts rumble across the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit and Canada, at times snarling traffic along the busy corridor. But if President Donald Trump delivers on threats to slap 25 percent tariffs on imported...


LDS Church 'troubled' by separation of families at border

Immigration Holding Facility

The church said the U.S. government’s actions are “harmful to families, especially to young children.”

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