Guest Commentary

"I love you" is easy to write, but harder to prove

Love Returns

D. Louise Brown’s grandparents exchanged love letters during the Great Depression, but they never once used the words “I love you.”


Republicans show they cannot lead us into the future


Our hope of getting out of the current political morass is to practice term limits by not voting for anyone in office over six years, Republican or Democrat. We can do it. Is the Republican Party the right one to lead us in the future? No. After eight years of opposing the Obama administration and...

Guest Commentary

Utah Republicans are trading away their souls


“Why,” asks Don Porter, “have Republicans – and members of Utah’s delegation in particular – been so willing to enable, forgive and ignore this administration’s awful conduct? Is the reversal of the Obama agenda worth their moral sacrifice?”

Our View

Utah needs to remove the stigma from breastfeeding in public

SW 101917 La Leche Breast Feeding 01

Utah mothers deserve to right to breastfeed their infants in public places — without being asked to leave or cover up.

National Commentary

Trump's economic policy rooted in debt

Congress Budget

“Trump's willingness to embrace debt is in direct contradiction to years of Republican rhetoric on the dangers of deficits and breaks his campaign promises,” writes Josh Boak.


Soothing Trump's ego isn't a good reason for a military parade

Trump State Dinner

Rich Lowry's commentary supporting President Donald’ Trump's proposed parade was a jewel of minimization of the downside and misrepresentation of responsible objections (“A military parade is just what America needs,” Feb. 12 Standard-Examiner). The biggest downside I see is...

National Commentary

The Oval Office deserves better than its current occupant

Trump pauses

“The institution of the presidency will survive Trump, as it has other mediocrities. But the office deserves an occupant of true integrity and honor,” writes Michael Gerson.

National Commentary

A better way to give patients a 'right to try'

Politics Of Pain-6

Americans deserve to have access to powerful medicines, but also protection from any harm those drugs might do.

Guest Commentary

Tom Welch is a hero for his work on the 2002 Winter Olympics

FIFA IOC Scandals-2

Utah never sufficiently honored Tom Welch for his role in bringing the 2002 Winter Olympics to Utah, writes Robert Hunter.


Only service dogs belong in businesses

BZ Best of April 02-1

The law requires businesses to allow service dogs and dogs in training for service into their buildings. Those pooches have cloth labels draped over their bodies to alert people that they’re either in training or already in service. But I’ve begun to notice non-service dogs and dogs...

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