Traveling stuffed animal 'Mr. Moosey' makes stop at Uintah Fire Department

UINTAH — The newest volunteer with the Uintah Fire Department has a cheerful disposition, a tattoo of candy canes on the bottom of his left foot, and an incredibly heartwarming backstory.


16th generation silversmith uses old techniques to create new works

OGDEN — René Venegas is a silversmith, like his father and his grandfather and his great-grandfather and ... well, frankly there’s just not enough space here to list the entire genealogy of the Venegas silversmithing legacy.


How and where to cut your own 'wild' Christmas tree

Looking for the perfect Christmas tree? This is definitely not the story for you.

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Here's a handy-dandy holiday gift guide for Black Friday

 What’s with all these TV commercials this time of year showing a brand new vehicle sitting in the driveway on Christmas morning, a big red bow around it?


Black Friday still a thing, for now

What advice would an economist offer in the days leading up to the Black Friday shopping frenzy?


Store opening times for Black Friday sales in the Ogden area

Making your plan of attack for the opening of the 2017 holiday shopping season? Here’s a list of Black Friday — or Gray Thursday — opening hours for retail stores in the Ogden area:


Local Santa posthumously honored in Ogden's Christmastime kickoff

OGDEN — Mike Wiggill had just two wishes on his holiday bucket list.


9 tips for starting a Turkey Bowl tradition this Thanksgiving

Thinking about starting your own Turkey Bowl tradition? A few suggestions from our experts:


For some, Turkey Bowl games are an important part of Thanksgiving celebration

For Nic Cronin, it’s as much a Thanksgiving tradition as cranberries and stuffing.

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Those seeking high school mascot change acting like kids

When the future students of the new Farmington High School selected the Phoenix for their mascot, I wasn’t impressed. In my opinion, there were several better choices on the short list.

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