Standard Deviations

Standard Deviations

Standard Deviations: Gun owners should be afraid of teenagers' newfound activism

Walkouts vs. walkups

Some of the most important protest movements of the last century — Civil Rights, Vietnam, Environmentalism — were powered in large part by youth. And now? Gun control.

Standard Deviations

Why does Alexa laugh? Why does Utah legislate?

Rapping representatives

Although the 2018 Utah Legislature did some good in our little corner of the world, there was the little matter of rapping representatives.

Standard Deviations

Sheets, blankets won't solve the black-and-white race issue in this country

Blanket race statements

Local Black Lives Matter leader hasn’t been helping her cause with blanket statements about white people in Utah.

Standard Deviations

Here's a crazy idea that just might settle the gun debate — try it both ways

Gun control debate

Columnist suggests we first try arming everyone, then no one, and see which plan actually makes America safer.

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